An introductory book to server deployment for makers on the web

Are you a maker, web developer, aspiring sysadmin or just a curious human being?

VPS for Makers is a book about setting up your own virtual server for the purposes of running a web application. It teaches you the basic theory of system administration and goes through many practical tasks that all result in a deployed Ruby on Rails application backed by PostgreSQL database on a Fedora operating system.

The book is intended for beginners and false beginners in system administration. I am designing it to be a good first exposure and deliberately focusing on fundamentals. It should help you understand if server maintenance is something you might enjoy or something you leave to others.

Things you will learn

Exact chapters will be announced later.

What is this book not about?

About the authors
Josef & Tiger

Hello, I am Josef Strzibny. A maker, software engineer, dancer, traveler, dreamer.

I am originally a self-taught software developer. I made and deployed first commercial web applications during high school in 2008. I have Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Applied Informatics program from Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University.

I have worked 3 and half years for Red Hat on the platform and developer experience teams. I am Red Hat Certified Engineer and Fedora developer. I have spent 2 years leading the development team in a small startup as their CTO.

I am maker of Get Tandem which I run since 2011 and I write and contribute to open source from time to time.

I believe every aspiring maker on the web should have the insights into how servers deployment work and what's behind the curtain. I hope this book will be a gentle and light introduction to this topic.

And while you wait for the release of the book I invite you to read my blog where I write about Fedora, Ruby, Vagrant and more.

Hello, my name is Tiger. People call me Meow (don't know why). I like following mice on Twitter, coffee and devops. I feel adventurous when comes to pythons. One day I will build an online community for fellow cats having people flatmates.

Let me know about launch and updates of this book

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